Bulk Kratom: How Your Supplier Can Help Boost Sales

Are you already buying, or perhaps just thinking about buying bulk Kratom? Finding the best online supplier can make or break an e-commerce health and wellness site. We know you have choices in selecting a bulk supplier for your business. So, why choose Mitra Science?

We pride ourselves in offering our valued clients:

  • Top Quality
  • Rigorous Lab Testing
  • Variety of Products
  • Low Prices


Quality matters: stocking first-rate, raw botanical products keeps your existing customers happy and attracts new business as well. Returning, satisfied customers mean a consistent bottom line for your store.  Growth of your client base means an increase in sales and therefore higher profits. Here at Mitra Science, we source only top-quality Kratom and offer it in many forms, at discounted bulk price points, to meet the individual needs of our clients, and yours.

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Bulk Kratom from Mitra Science

We offer bulk Kratom in the following forms:

  • Capsules
  • Powder
  • Crushed Leaf
  • Extract
  • Seeds
  • Live Plants


Mitra Science is not just the best place to purchase bulk Kratom. We also offer an extensive selection of other high-quality products, such as Moringa Oleifera, Kava and more!

The Mitra Science team is so passionate about our products and so committed to our clients that we go above and beyond what other suppliers do, by providing you with additional research resources, free of extra charge, to help your business grow and thrive.


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What is Bulk Kratom?

 Kratom is officially a part of the coffee family, coming directly from the leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa plants native to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. M. Speciosa is a 4-16 meter high tropical tree whose leaves have been used for centuries for a variety of purposes in Southeast Asia.

There is an assortment of trees that fall under the M. speciosa umbrella, each boasting unique variants that have different biochemical properties. To date, over 40 compounds have been isolated from the leaves. The major alkaloid found within the crude extract, mitragynine, has been the subject of many pharmacological studies.

Adkins JEBoyer EWMcCurdy CR. (2011) “Mitragyna speciosa, a psychoactive tree from Southeast Asia with opioid activity”, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Laboratory for Applied Drug Design and Synthesis, School of Pharmacy, The University of Mississippi, University, 38677, USA.

As time goes on, more discoveries are being made as a result of increased international scientific study, and more people around the world are beginning to find out about Kratom’s special characteristics.

As a result of this increased attention from the global scientific community, and more and more people learning about Kratom, numerous retailers and suppliers have sprung up online.


Many, unfortunately, sell low-quality products, some at higher prices so as to pocket the profits themselves, rather than passing the savings on to their customers. Most sites are very basic, with little if any additional detail provided on the products themselves and the industry as a whole.

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At Mitra Science, we have rigorously high standards for the products we are willing to stock, and we believe that passing savings on to our clients is good, long-term business practice. Building and maintaining client relationships is our mission, which is why we strive to add value even beyond offering superior products and pricing, by providing up-to-date information and resources to help you stay current and grow your Kratom-based business.


A Kratom bulk kilo order with benefits

Here are just a few reasons for Kratom bulk kilo orders:

In order to increase your sales, it’s imperative that you offer a wide variety of products and choose a supplier who can keep you stocked.

A superior Kratom shop will provide a comprehensive selection of a variety of strains in different forms such as capsules, powders, crushed leaves and extracts. You never want a customer to order from elsewhere because you don’t have what they need.


Learn from your Kratom supplier

You may never have thought of looking at your Kratom provider as an educator. And to be fair, most suppliers don’t provide more than the bare minimum information to make their sale to you. Some may not even know much about their products, treating them — and you — as commodities, rather than doing their research.


At Mitra Science, our industry-leading team is on the cutting edge of research and innovation. We stay informed as experts so we can pass this expertise on to you, and you in turn can share the knowledge with your own customers. All our products undergo strict lab testing and adhere to numerous guidelines. We know and understand our Kratom products completely, down to every strain, and all the way to each vein within each strain.


Our regularly updated blogs and educational materials are there for your perusal, free of charge, so that you are armed with everything you need to know about Kratom to best market and describe the products that you are selling. Detailed, correct information and product descriptions can increase sales and provide customers with yet another incentive to purchase from you.


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Buy bulk Kratom with a guarantee

When you decide to buy bulk Kratom from Mitra Science, you’re going to receive a lot more than just a package of bulk Kratom. In fact, you’ll even receive more than great prices, fast free shipping and a wealth of information. You’re going to get a guarantee ensuring that your and your customers are receiving a high-quality product.

Mitra Science guarantees:

  • Lab-tested products
  • Savings of time and money
    • Free, fast shipping
    • Bulk pricing
  • Research and information resources

By purchasing from a supplier who can offer you much more than just a product, with a little dedication and hard work, you will see those sales numbers soar! Explore our products.

Our customer service team is standing by, available to help with any of your ordering needs.  

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