Bulk Kratom Extract (≥45% Mitragynine)

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” We use all food grade ingredients in the extraction process, where no harmful solvents or excipients are used in the production, and 98% total alkaloids are available.

Unlike a lot of other kratom extracts out there, our extracts test at near 10% or more for secondary alkaloids such as paynantheine, speciogynine , speciocilatine (in addition to the mitragynine, and 7 hydroxy mitragynine present as the primary alkaloids)

Our Gold extract is made from our high grade kratom powder sourced right from the farm, that goes through a heat-sterilization process, rather than being gamma irradiated like 95% of the kratom on the market does. Avoiding the radiation of the kratom leaf protects the potency of the mitragynine leading to a maximum potency.

For reference, it takes 100 kilograms of kratom leaf powder to make 2 kilograms of Gold extract.

100kg can create around 2kg of Gold Extract ”

Quantity of Gold Kratom Extract Powder(≥45%) Price per Kilogram
1 Kilograms $5,500
5 Kilograms $5,000
10 Kilograms $4,500
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Our full spectrum Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) extract tests at ≥45% Mitragynine. We guarantee you will see why this has become the #1 extract on the market.

We offer a wide variety of botanical specimens. We offer no directions for use.

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